Starting TOGAF 9 class in montreal. Thoughts and comments to come and marked with TOGAF

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TEDx McGill is Saturday Nov 20, not 22nd as stated previously

Just registered to TEDx McGill Nov 22nd

TOGAF training in Montreal Nov15-18 - places remain available

Honest advice on starting a company - must read - btw been there done most of these mistakes... :-(

Raw facts about security threats show continuous decline since 2007 - lots of useful data and charts

microsoft earnings up +25%s - "report of my death is an exaggeration" - mark twain

I am looking for best practices regarding IT infrastructure and technologies in the insurance industry. Can anybody provide good references?

Steve Jobs = Benevolent dictator = Apple success. Can Microsoft and Google emulate? (thanks @Simon_Henault)

I am switching from to Google URL Shortener - - Are you?

Do you know why you do what you do? Watch this to see how great leaders inspire action

if your EA requires a corporate transformation then a must-read is "The psychology of change management" by McKinsey

looks like facebook is down: productivity increase shall be expected?

Read about digital natives in Bombardier CWO new blog post (also in french

Summer reading: Is Google Making Us Stupid? (google it to find the link ;-)

Formation TOGAF 9.0, Montréal 21-25 juin, pour certification - Contactez-moi Enterprise Architecture TOGAF

Google: Chrome browser is very fast - shows off a creative video - sets the bar high for future performance benchmarks

Je serai à webcom montreal le 26 mai

Registered to e2 conference Boston June 15-17

More cloud "behind the scenes": Google server

What is the "cloud" made of? Containers full of servers and disks. See pics at

Glimpse of the future? Google could predict the stock market, but decided it was illegal, so they stopped.

McKinsey "The Internet of Things" shows us that Web promises of 1990s are taking shape

RT @martinfowler ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Opinions on Technology trends:

"Describe EA in 160 chars" challenge - great summary by Kevin Smith of PEAF

10 reasons your ecommerce could be failing

Le GRADE possède maintenant son fil de gazouillis twitter: gradeMtl

RT @loic The Corporate Social Networking Manifesto - A must read, loic is the king of social networking

RT @jeanfdeschenes is twitter the next 2nd life?

Testing to post status from one place to multiple social networks...