do more with less: have they forgotten about architects and project managers?

"Do more with Less" is the conference theme. No one is sure what that means tough...

Steve Balmer's keynote focussed on "plumbing", applications that power businesses (great plains), websites (sharepoint) or offices (office). He demoed new web service integration tools that allow easier integration of WS into office application. The demo allowed users to view client portfolio data from a link in outlook, then open the client portfolio as web service calls, then place a trade and move the resulting trade fill to the email, along with client positions. The focus is very much on how easy it is to build applications.

More and more, the focus will also be on how easy it is to deploy and manage applications. This is reflected in tools like 2005 which will provide a GUI build tool (MSBuild) which can be deployed outside of vs05 so that apps can be built without installing VS first (as is the case now). There are also class designer and application designer coming up in VS05 where you can draw the deployment architecture of an application: hit a button the web app goes to the web server and the db schema to the database.

So if I understand correctly, "do more with less" applies to coders and operations, not to architects and software engineers?

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